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  • Have you been looking for a simple way to monitor computer usage?

  • Do you need a way to track the time your employees spend using different applications?

  • Do you want to know the web sites and programs your kids are looking at?

Improve worker productivity, cut bandwidth waste and reduce spyware / virus infections.

  Monitor is a small program that runs in the background and logs all applications opened
and the time spent in each application.
  Easy to install and minimal configuration required.
  Monitors computer use in real-time.
  Simple, easy to read reports.
  Create Custom Filters.

Monitor is NOT a keystroke recorder or keylogger.
Please read the EULA if you have privacy or legal concerns.


Icon can be displayed
in System Tray

or hidden.


View Reports


Web Site Filter for Internet Explorer  Great companion program for Monitor.  

IE Web Filter is a web site blocker that uses words you define to control access to web sites.

  • Fast, transparent operation. Will not affect browser performance.

  • No need for a proxy server.

  • Control which Internet Explorer options are available to the user.

  • Import lists of sites and keywords.

  • Easy to configure, enable or disable with password protection.

There are two modes of operation -  block list mode or allow list mode.
     In block list mode, any URL containing a word in the block list will be blocked.
     In allow list mode, only URLs containing a word in the allow list will be allowed.

Use Monitor to determine which sites need to be blocked.                Free

Click here to download the latest known bad sites list (right-click, choose "Save Target As...")
(List Updated :12/20/2007       4489 entries)
To import List into Web Site Filter, Click on Tools > Import List)

Previous List  (12/17/2007  3346 entries)

Will only work with Internet Explorer. Not tested on Firefox or any other browser.


*The software you are downloading and installing is a "trial version".
The trial version is fully functional except reports are limited to 5 hours per day.
 It is shareware, not freeware and is not in the public domain. As such, you may evaluate the program to ensure it does what you want, and works on your system. If, after that time, you decide to continue using it, you must license it by paying a minimal license fee at our web site (http://www.tek911.com/monitor2.shtml). If you choose not to purchase a license, you must uninstall it from any machines on which it was installed on a trial basis. This trial version can be upgraded to a fully licensed copy by  purchasing a serial number through our website.


The Software has been tested on Windows Vista, Windows XP SP2 / Windows 2000 SP4 / Windows 2003 Server

The Software has NO Viruses, Adware or Spyware. 

The software available through the included link is provided by TEK911 Inc. It is your responsibility to determine if the Software is compatible with your system and requirements. TEK911 disclaims any and all warranties and/or liability stemming from your use of the Software.


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