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    IP Config Pro   (v1.2)    GUI (Graphical User Interface) for  ipconfig.exe

This Software has been tested on Windows XP SP2, Windows 2000 SP4, Windows 2003 Server
Versions for Windows Vista will be available soon.


NEW Tek911 Ping Tool   -  Free to Registered IP Config Pro Users  (more ...)


More info and screen shots ...

All the commands, shortcuts and tools in one place.

No need to type commands!
Detailed Network Adapter Information.
Change IP Addresses (*Reg. Version)
Recall/Save IP Address Profiles (*Reg.Version)

Adapter Release and Renew.
Advanced Ping. (*Reg. Version)
DNS lookup, DNS Purge.
Trace Route.
Computer / domain information.
Router Login and help.
Edit OEM Info (*Reg. Version)
Run Connection Speed Tests (*Reg. Version)
Quick links to settings for Network
    Adapters, IE, System, Users & more.
NEW>Includes license for  Ping Tool.

v 1.2

v 1.2.25 UPDATER

*For full functionality, a registration code must be purchased.

NEW Tek911 Ping Tool
Free to Registered users

Sale $10.00 (US)

Includes Get IP Tool  
Shows all the Essential Network Information

Tek911 Ping Tool
(Free to Registered IP Config Pro Users)

Support and Feedback

The Software has been tested on Windows XP SP2 / Windows 2000 SP4 / Windows 2003 Server

The Software has NO Viruses, Adware or Spyware.

  Most Software Tools are free for NON-COMMERCIAL use only
For Commercial use, a separate Licensing Agreement must be obtained from Tek911 

The software available through the included link is provided by TEK911 Inc. It is your responsibility to determine if the Software is compatible with your system and requirements. TEK911 disclaims any and all warranties and/or liability stemming from your use of the Software.


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